Pet Tracking Devices – Try A GPS Tracker!

Pet Tracking Devices – Try A GPS Tracker!


As a pet owner, there is always the fear of losing your precious pet. But now there are options to keep your pet safe and to give yourself peace of mind! The Tractive GPS pet tracker for cats and dogs is the answer to your worries. This wonderful device has live tracking, location history, and heatmap, activity monitoring, a virtual fence, is 100% waterproof, lightweight (weighs less than 30 g. (1.1 oz.)), has a long battery life, provides worldwide coverage, comes with a clip and mount system, and the basic subscription plan starts at only $6.99 a month!


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Tractive GPS for Cats and Dogs
Starting At $69.99





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I hope you have enjoyed learning about Tractive and a wonderful way to keep your precious pet safe and secure. Everyone that has a pet, whether cat or dog, should seriously consider investing in this product. You will definitely have peace of mind knowing you can find your precious pooch or kitty! Tractive is currently offering 10% off on all their GPS trackers, so now is the time! 

Let me know how much you love your new Tractive GPS pet tracker!


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